Last Week

I have had a pretty exciting past week to say the least. To begin, I saw Think Like a Man Too and Transformers: Age of Extinction. Think Like a Man Too was just what I expected, another great movie starring one of my favorites, Kevin Hart. If you have not seen his stand-up, it is all on Netflix and it is GREAT stuff.


I must admit that the only reason I saw Transformers: Age of Extinction was because of Mark Wahlberg was starring in it. Who does not love Mark Wahlberg? This movie was by far the most surprising as far as movies go this summer. It turned out to be a very good movie. In my opinion, I liked it just as much as the very first Transformers of the series back in 2007. Great story line and action packed from the beginning to the end.

Dead Rocks

Continuing on with my exciting week, I went to Dead Rocks to see one of my favorite DJs’, Dada Life. I took my best friend who had never been to Red Rocks before. Needless to say, we had a great time.

4th of July

For the 4th of July, I spent the day with my closest friends. It was a great time. To end the day right, we went to the fireworks they have at Folsom Field every year. They were spectacular!

On July 5th, I went to see MKTO with Action Item opening for them. I originally went because my best friend ask us to go so she could see her favorite boy band, Action Item. We looked into MKTO to see what they were like and then realized that one of the guys in the band, Malcolm Kelley, was the actor who played Walt in our favorite show LOST. It was perfect that the three of us were going. After the awesome show, we all got to actually meet Malcolm Kelley. For all you LOST fans, we asked him with no context if he died before or after the island and he honestly couldn’t tell us either.


It was a pretty great week to say the least.


Until next time!



Tracy Morgan

A couple weeks ago, my boyfriend, Rico, and I went to see Tracy Morgan at the Paramount Theater in Denver. Before I got to blog about it, I heard he was in critical condition from a car accident. It was a very bizarre experience. I am glad to hear that he’s become more responsive and that he will return to comedy as soon as possible which is great news.

I’ve been learning to appreciate stand-up comedy and Tracy Morgan’s was a lot of fun. He had two comedians on before him with very interesting perspectives. My favorite thing about stand-up comedy is that they point out very realistic facts about the lives we all live that no one tends to talk about. A point that was made was a man’s perspective on the large purses women tend to carry around which I couldn’t agree more on. The host actually chased a lady down in the audience to look to see what she carried around with her in that large purse. Those who know me know that I rarely carry a purse and if I do, it remains fairly empty.

If you get the chance to start seeing famous stand-up comedians, definitely do. It’s been a great experience and I’m excited that I got to add Tracy Morgan to the shows I have seen.


After the show, Rico and I went to a place that I have been dying to go. It’s called Denver Diner. Now, the only reason I wanted to go to this place was because it looks like the cute little diner in the show Bones. Luckily, it’s open 24 hours and was actually a great meal. I’ve checked that off my Summer Bucket List.


Chelsea Peretti PosterYesterday, my friend and I traveled to Denver to relax before we went to Chelsea Peretti’s show at Comedy Works. We figured we would grab a bite to eat before heading to the show. Walking around on 16th Street Mall while hungry was a mistake. There are SO MANY food options just within the mall. Finally, we both just agreed to go to Hard Rock Cafe which was such a good idea. We enjoy a few cocktails as well as some appetizer which were delicious.

Chelsea Peretti

After dinner, we headed over to Larimer Square where Chelsea was performing. We got there an hour early to be able to sit as close as we possibly could. We waited around for an hour, but the wait was WELL worth it. We had a gentlemen come on stage for a bit before her, and once he introduced her we were ecstatic.

Chelsea Peretti 2

Just as I suspected, Chelsea Peretti killed it! She was hilarious and did a great job relating to her audience. Today I have a sore throat and a sore abdomen from laughing so hard. We had a great time and I was so excited to see her live! Here’s another exciting thing about last night.

Chelsea Peretti 3

She tweeted me back! If you ever get the chance, go see Chelsea Peretti, she is AMAZING and so #RELATABLE.

I get to go see Tracy Morgan on Sunday I can’t wait. Check back later!



OneRepublic @ Red Rocks

I had the opportunity to go to Red Rocks again and let me just tell you, it was AMAZING! American Authors opened and I couldn’t recall why that sounded so familiar to me. Let me jog your memory real quick.


Such a great song! Next came The Script, which they ROCKED it. I forgot how many songs by them that the average person knows such as Breakeven and If You Could See Me Now.


And now the main act, OneRepublic! I can’t explain the energy at Red Rocks last night, but it was amazing. After every song played, my friend and I would look at one another and express how beautiful it was. Their music is so uplifting and what a better way to enjoy their music than on their first night of the tour right here in their home state at Red Rocks. It was a great night to share with them and you could definitely tell how excited they were! One of the best performances I have seen in a long time.

Tonight, I’m going to Chelsea Peretti and I’m so excited! She’s an actress from the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I can’t wait!



Biggest Obsessions

I go through extreme phases of things I’m obsessed with. Some can take over years and some can take only days. Here’s a list of my biggest obsessions.

4. PALM TREES. You’ve probably already noticed my picture with the palm tree, but I must say they are just awesome. I traveled to California for the first time about 2 years ago and instantly became obsessed. My sister was about ready to bop me in the face because of how often I spoke of them. I visited California again this past Spring Break and again, my friends allowed me to talk about them 3 times a day. I most definitely always exceeded this.


3. GREEN DAY. Ever since the release of American Idiot back in 2oo4, I have been obsessed. Come this fall, it will have been 10 years. (Unbelievable!) In those 10 years, I have seen them in concert 2 times and have attended their Broadway show 3 times. I can’t explain what it is about this band, but I love them. They are essentially the last of their genre which makes them so special. I saw a Buzzfeed the other day about them, and it was a perfect fit for me! Check it out for yourself HERE. Below is a picture I captured at their concert in Denver back in 2011.

Green Day

2. STARBUCKS. Call me a stereotypical white girl if you’d like, I’m obsessed with Starbucks. I am so obsessed that I finally applied for a job their and on the days I don’t work, I find time for a Starbucks. A few years ago, I read The Starbucks Experience, and boy did I fall in love with this company. If you love the drinks you order at Starbucks, read this book and you will understand why this company is worth supporting.

Starbucks Love

1. MINNESOTA VIKINGS. Go ahead, make fun of me. I’m a Minnesotan at heart. While they can be one of the worst teams in the league, I will always bleed purple. When I was a kid, all I can remember about the Vikings was when Randy Moss was drafted, I HAD to have his jersey. I would get up every Sunday and wear that purple jersey. Even though I fell asleep through most games, it was what brought my family together every Sunday morning. (I say morning because the Vikings aren’t usually good enough for prime time slots.) Now, I can’t even talk about football without getting worked up. Especially when it’s the off season. Just 103 days left till the first Vikings game! (I have a countdown in my phone of course.)

Vikings Love


What are you guys obsessed with?



Moving Sucks

My parents set the date to move to their new place for this past Sunday. While being married for nearly 30 years, my parents have accumulated quite the bit of stuff. I’m not kidding you, they had a whole dresser filled with CDs in the basement. They also have 10 giant Rubbermaid tubs of Christmas decorations. That’s how much stuff they have. Originally it was supposed to be just my parents and myself, but thankfully we had a few recruits to help out.

We got moved in just about 6 hours and I couldn’t believe it! It went my fairly quickly. After, we celebrated at C.B. & Potts, which I’m sure you’ll hear me speak of a lot. It’s right next to our apartment and it’s DELICIOUS.

Major shout out to those who lent a helping hand. I owe you in the future! (I’m sure I’ll regret saying that!)


Moving SucksFrom left to right, Dad (Jim), Uncle Greg, Cousin Erin, Cousin John, Boyfriend (Rico), MUAH, and Cousin Paul.

Until next time!



5 Reasons to See X-Men


Last Thursday my boyfriend and I attended the 10:00 PM showing of X-Men Days of Future Past. Movies are my favorite pass time. I wasn’t too sure about this movie, but in the end I’m so glad I went. Here is why I believe you should see it.

1. The last ones are extremely depressing. If you’ve seen the last ones leading up, then you would agree. It left every viewer very bitter.



2. BEAST. He’s by far one of my favorites so when I saw he was going to be a character, I was stoked. He’s also played by Nicholas Hoult who I recently fell in love with in Warm Bodies.

3. Hugh Jackman’s ass on the big screen. You may have already heard, but Hugh Jackman agreed to a nude scene. (The ladies most definitely cheered.)

4. Jennifer Lawrence is BOMB. Seriously though, who doesn’t love her? She’s great in any role thrown at her and in X-Men that character is Mystique.



5. They left you with the understanding that there will be more. Stay till the end of the credits for a 30 second video on the next villain for the X-Men. Look, they’ve already announced another one, X-Men: Apocalypse!

If you already have seen this movie, tell me what you thought!




Yesterday my cousin Paul graduated from Douglas County High School. Fun fact, it is where Amy Adams actually graduated from high school. I just can’t believe he’s already graduating. His next step will be attending college in the fall. Have any guesses where that might be?


That’s right, he’ll be joining me at the University of Colorado in Boulder. I can’t help but think I was a personal recruiter for him, but who knows, Boulder does sell itself.

Congrats Paul! I’m so proud of you and cannot wait to have you in town next fall. I hope you enjoy every second of it because the time literally flies by. Trust me, I still am trying to comprehend how I will be graduating next May.

This weekend is going to be fairly busy with work and moving my parents, so I apologize in advance for my absence.




Tuckered Out

The first day has been tough for my baby girl. About 2 years ago, Libby began losing her vision. Fortunately, she already knew the layout of her current home. Unfortunately, my parents had to downsize and one way or another she was forced to move and required to learn a new layout.

I’ve been doing some research about how to help a blind dog adapt. I’ll let you know what tips help for her.

Libby Moved In

That’s right, Libby has moved in with me! For those of you who don’t already know, Libby, short for Liberty, is my Golden Retriever pup. Alright, so maybe she is 11 years old, but she will always be my baby girl.

I got Libby on September 29th, 2002 right before my 10th birthday. I remember that day like the back of my hand. (Terrible expression because I don’t actually know what the back of my hand looks like off the top of my head.) She has been staying with my parents while I am attending college in Boulder, but I finally live in a place where I can have my dog.

I can’t wait to share the adventures the two of us will have this summer!